The third of its kind

So this is the third year when I have chili plants in my little garden and I can say that it is the best year so far.

But unfortunately it doesn’t mean that I’m satisfied and that it is a nice and beautiful and productive chili farm. Well, quite far from it.

I don’t know how but every single year I managed to do some nice little mistakes. Not big ones but those that can make your plants small enough so that they can’t produce those big nice chilis that can burn your mouth out. Or at least something like that.

Me and daughter
Me and my helping hand at the beginning of 2011

My biggest mistakes are:

– Too many kinds of chilis – I always ordered and bought and saved from earlier years a lot of seeds. So when I started to germinate them the window sill was constantly full of little (or not quite little) plastic jars and what not. And as I don’t really have a big garden (in fact it is a rather a small one) I’ve never had much space to plant them. So it took three years to establish a convenient method and place to grow them. But again, even this year I had too many little plants to earth so I had to cut most of them out.

– The climate – Well, I can say that it’s not really my fault, yes. But by now I could have learnt to realized the best time for the plants to be moved out to the garden from the flat.  Now it is September, the colds are coming, the mornings are really chilly, and my habaneros are green, out there.

– Watering – Now the soil is very good for the plants, mixed with perlite in order to save most of the water for harder times. But still, I can remember days when I simply didn’t water the plants – yeah, big mistake, big idiot I am.

But anyway this blog is not only about growing chilis but about everything else related to chilis. When I realized that it is not that big deal to make your own chili sauce at home, I decided to try a lot of things like that. Mustard, salads, special food with chilis (sweet or hot), creams, oil, honey, cheese or whatever you want.

So then came my adventures in gastronomy – and hopefully everyone who reads this blog will enjoy it as much as I do.

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