Easy little breakfast

Now it is really easy and something for the eyes as well. Not at all my idea, found it somewhere on Facebook, well, probably on my wall.

You don’t need a lot of things for this, it’s about ten minutes to cook and good even for a hangover (provided that you’re that kind of a human who’s convinced that eggs are perfect for hangovers. Believe me, there are humans like that…). And your children will like it as well. Let’s see what you have to buy:

  • red pepper (1 or 2, one is enough for one person)
  • egg(s) (one per red pepper)
  • chili or hot pepper (I used normal hot pepper called “hegyeserős”)
  • spices as you like

Preparations need five minutes, frying takes something like ten, and there’s your funny little breakfast.

One red pepper and the others

So, just cut the red pepper into three round slices, put them into a frying pan, then break one egg into each. Then the seasoning and just fry until it’s ready. I covered the pan ’cause the top fries quicker.

Bon appetit!


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