Pickles from my Mum’s pantry

I’ve just had a meeting with my parents and they brought a very promising and inviting little thing. She’d already told me that she’d made something like that so I was kind of expecting one of them.

But then it is always a surprise to taste something made by my mother so I could hardly wait to open it.

Little beauties in a jar

And I’m not disappointed at all (and although she doesn’t speak English I wouldn’t dare say anything else…).

Anyway, it contains, say, fifteen normal chilis (thai chilis, as those seeds were brought home from Thailand), shallots and small parts of cauliflower, under a little preservative liquid. It was probably in the pantry for a couple of weeks, I would suggest two or three, that was enough for them.

So it is not a big deal, you need the chilis, vegetables, a jar and some kind of preservatives which probably can be bought in some hypermarkets.

Shallots, cauliflower and chili

The chilis were grown at home in Szajla, Hungary, under my parents surveillance so the crop yield was quite enormous (see next post, not yet published). And to tell the truth those thai things are rather undemanding and those always produce a lot. You need only one flowerpot (though a bigger one) and you’ll easily have a one meter tall plant to produce more than a kilogram of chilis in a summer…


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