Nakládaný hermelín – cheese in a jar

The title means something like layered cheese – as far as I know hermelin is a type of cheese in the Czech Republic, made in the town of Sedlčany. It is sold throughout the country under different brands but rather hard to buy elsewhere.

nakladany hermelin
Nice looking layers…

But don’t worry, the cheese is quite the same as a Camembert. It has a soft, spreadable inside and covered with mold.

But what is it for?

It is something I first made at home by a recipe suggested by a friend of mine, then a couple of months later found in pub. In a Czech pub in Budapest, to tell the truth but it will be sang in a different post, now let’s stick to the cheese.

I wouldn’t say it takes a lot, you have to buy a couple of pieces of Camembert, onion, you need olive oil, garlic, vinegar and other spices (see the list). And you need a jar that can be closed completely.

The first thing to do is to cut the onions into slices – the thinner the better. When you’ve done that, you have two ways to carry on. You can either cut the Camemberts into not too little pieces or leave them intact. It doesn’t matter, it will taste fantastic.

nakladany hermelin
Juniper berries, oil, onion and the cheese

Just start with the onions, put them to the bottom of the jar. I usually have garlic sliced and as a whole as well, put them in when I feel like and it’s the same with the chilies. The first cheese will need it as a bed to lay on, so I like to use a nice quantity of spices. So onion, cheese, onion, cheese – carry on as long as you want or until your reach the top of the jar. The top should be an onion layer again, pour the oil on it so that it covers the things inside, add a touch (or two) of vinegar, and there you go, it is ready.

It is only a question of time, just leave in the fridge for a week or two until the flavours ripen.

As to the spices, you can use your favourites, but my first choice into those jars are juniper berries. I’d never leave them out.

Serve like on the picture, very nice thing with a toast and with a beer – I’d prefer a good Czech dark one.

cheese and onion
Served on a plate – simple beauty


  • Cheese Camembert
  • Onion (Spanish or purple)
  • Garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Vinegar
  • Chili


  • Pepper, crushed
  • Juniper berries

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