Something for winter colds

As far as I know the Aztecs used something like this for bronchitis and other winter illnesses, so I felt like I can make use of it, too.

What they did was mixing honey and chili, as simple as that.

habanero and seed
All in the jar

In Eastern Europe everyone says garlic is the solution for a nice cold. (And “pálinka”, or fruit brandy, but that’ll be a different post.)

So I decided to mix the two method, and that’s what comes from.

First, I pour a little honey into a jar, something like filling it up till it’s half full. Then I put whole garlic and sliced garlic into the jar, with chilies. The best chilies are those with nice, really fruity taste, so the best is naga jolokhia, but this time I used chocolate habanero, while last year it was simple dried Hungarian chili.

mixture for winter
Habanero, garlic, honey and naga morich powder. Priceless.

As I have some naga jolokhia powder in the cupboard, I added a teaspoonful, then I filled the jar up, and it is ready.

It is good as prevention as well, but you may not want to eat a spoon everyday because of the garlic, although if you don’t chew it, you won’t smell.

Anyway, if you have a sour throat or a runny nose, this is the best thing.

(Well, and spirits and “pálinka”…)


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