Horseradish at its best

I already wrote a post about it in Hungarian and that was quite a success. Readers liked that and the Hungarian dealer found me after.

But anyway, the real success is the product itself. And I mean it.

First I saw a Facebook post and a photo about “the best horseradish of the world”. My friend posted it and nothing more about it – except that it’s sold in Metros. It took a couple of months for me to visit that shop, so first I tried to find by its name, or at least what I remembered about its name.

I went to the mustard and ketchup shelves, spent a couple of minutes there, without finding anything. Found something like ten different jars of horseradish, but none of them looked like the one I remembered. I thought the product’s name’d been Streier Kren but found nothing. Nothing like that at all.

And as I was with my daughter, Luca, then two and a half year old, well, the shopping was about to turn a nightmare, ’cause obviously she wasn’t that keen on the project. So, finally I found someone in the shop, who figured out that product is at the fresh vegetables.

The bug buckle of horseradish

And then I got it.

I was in a bucket, which wasn’t really the best size. It contained one kilogram of this beauty, but it was simply too much. We both (my wife and I) fell in love with this, ate a lot, but it took more than two months to empty the bucket, and although it is something completely different from other horseradish products, time doesn’t really help to keep its best form. It is Austrian, and luckily by now sold in smaller jars as well, so it’s easier to keep them fresh.

It is best when you open it, but before that forget everything about horseradish as you know. Or at least about the ones you can buy in Hungary (I’ve never tried them abroad – oh, no, I bought one in France, horseradish with beetroot, but I haven’t opened it yet).

And now I’m in a sort of trouble, ’cause obviously my English is not that deep, so that I could describe my feelings perfectly. Anyway, I’ll try.

So, there are the hot things, chilies, sauces, when you sweat and your mouth is burning out. And that’s in the core  – your mouth, your tongue. When you eat horseradish or wasabi for example, the heat comes in your nose and in your sinuses. You don’t really sweat, but your eyes are watering, nose running.

horsradish and sandwich
Sandwich with Steirer Kren

Well, previously I had tried quite a lot of different products and I’d thought that I’d met tough guys among them. And then I met this one.

It’s completely different. It’s clear when you open the buckle. The usual staff is grated into very small parts and mixed with vinegar. Now this one is grated into long slices, really long slices, and… well, there’s really nothing else. You open the bucket and what you see is what you get. Beautifully white slices of horseradish and that’s all.

It’s fresh, tasty, fleshy ’cause the slices are long and thick, and if you taste a bigger-than-suggested piece, will bring everything out of your eyes and nose.

Well, for something like ten or twenty seconds, as it is mostly happens with horseradish. But it will be your best and worst experience with horseradish, I guarantee that.

I mostly use it with sandwiches, toasts but now that I’m on a diet, I simply eat with tomato for example. Very good with meets, like trotters, where you have a nice slice of wholemeal brown or rye-bread and a good spoon of mustard. I wouldn’t use English or French mustard ’cause they’re similar to the horseradish, but a lighter, sweet mustard will do and help the flavors.


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