To start with

So it’s gonna be the Cooking basics for Dummies. Only the beginning. I think I am a bit more by now than a beginner on my home ground in the kitchen, but to write a blog about it’s kind of an away match to Real Madrid – you need definitely different skills and tools.

Only to learn the basic vocabulary
Only to learn the basic vocabulary

Well, I lived in London for one and a half year, and my English was almost perfect then,  but it was ten twelve years ago and I forgot a lot. I still read a lot in English, books, websites, magazines, newspapers, etc., but when I have to express myself it’s getting harder.

Especially when it’s in a kind of really specific topic – say cooking, for example, where you need really the perfect words when you describe something and when you try to understand something, either.

I downloaded a sample of the book to my e-book reader and it seems like it can help me to learn the essentials of cooking, really, the basics. Ingredients, tools, different types of jars, pots, different methods, so that if I write that sauteing that would mean sauteing, and if I read somewhere that I need to use a pot, I”ll be able to choose the perfect one from my cupboard.

As I have a bit of experience, I think I’ll be rather quick with this first book, and then I can easily find another one, with a bit wider range. With the basic vocabulary from this book hopefully it will much easier to write this blog…


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