Pickled eggs with chilies

I’v been planning it since I first saw the picture of a jar, packed with boiled eggs – and this last weekend was the day when I was ready for.

Pickled eggs are rather easy to make – boil the eggs, put them in a jar, pour vinegar on the stuff and ready. And it probably tastes good – I don’t know, ’cause I’ve never tried it. Only, I loved the picture of it, so I decided to make my own jar on the HMC way.

All in one jar - plus the eggs
All in one jar – plus the eggs

I cut pepper (Hungarian “hegyeserős”), Spanish chili, garlic into pieces and sliced an onion. All you have to take care is the really hot parts of the pepper and chili to remain intact so that the full flavor will be in the jar. You can leave the seeds on as well, that will help with the heat, if you need that. As to the garlic I cut them into smaller and bigger pieces, that gives more flavor, too.

Looks really, really nice.
Looks really, really nice.

I made kind of a bed for the first two or three eggs, with the slices of onion down, garlic among them.  After putting the eggs in the jar, I placed the pepper and chili staffed round the eggs, close to everything to touch and leave the heath behind. After you can place another layer of the onion and the other things  until you reach the top of the jar.

Longer slices on the top to seal the stuff
Longer slices on the top to seal the stuff

I kind of tried to seal everything down with those longer slices of chili – and with it it’s ready for the vinegar.

And the vinegar. I had brought two bottles of malt vinegar from London, and I was lucky that I had forgotten to give one of them to a friend of mine, ’cause I needed both to fill the jar up completely.

After filling up with vinegar
After filling up with vinegar

Anyway, lucky or not, it’s ready in about half an hour and don’t need to be kept in the cupboard or the refrigerator for weeks of months – you can wait a month or so but you can open it after one day as well. Obviously, I was curious enough to wait only one day – and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Eggs after soaking in the jar for two days
Eggs after soaking in the jar for two days

The egg itself was browned a little bit on the outside of it because of the vinegar. The texture of them was a bit like rubber (but it wasn’t disturbing or unpleasant), it was a bit harder to cut, but the inside of the egg was much more creamy than I would have expected.

After another day the egg was quite the same, but the vinegar reached its purpose – everything was a bit more “heated”, the chili was all over the jar, infected everything nicely.

And then it was all over my mouth, so I was completely satisfied today with the eggs.

(Please, feel free to comment any mistakes I made – I’m still learning the proper terms and everything.)


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