It’s jam season!

I can hardly wait this part of the year with all those different fruits ripening one by one. Last year I found a very easy chilli jam recipe, only a couple of ingredients needed to make it:

  • jam sugar
  • red pepper
  • cider vinegar
  • chilis

I haven’t met anyone who didn’t like it. Most of the people just wanted more and more but my sources and the quantity were limited.

Apricots to the jam

So this year I’ve decided to take a step forward – and this is the first try in the series – ’cause I’m planning to vary the ingredients and their amount so there must be various jams this summer on the table…

And the first one –  it’s apricot!

My godparents visited me last weekend and they brought a couple of apricots. And I managed to get some chilis from a friend of mine (as my plants doesn’t seem to really flowering…) – so the task was given.

As it is the easiest of the easy sauces, I chopped the chilis (naga morich and chocolate habanero) with a food processor, then I added the apricots and chopped them as well.

I poured the jam sugar and the cider vinegar into a pan, waited for the sugar to dissolve over the heat, then mixed everything together in the pan, brought it to the boil and let it simmer for about fifteen minutes.

While it was cooling I went for a nice jogging (nowadays that’s what I do for sports), so after about an hour it was ready to be put into jars. As it is cooling down the texture is becoming more and more jammish and jellylike.

And it is good for use as soon you feel like.

sliced chilis
Chocolate habanero and naga morich

Ingredients (portions may vary):

  • 200 gram of apricot
  • two chilis
  • 1 kilogram of jam sugar
  • 500 ml of cider vinegar

I don’t really know what’s going to be the next, but I plan to try a lot of things. But we expect our baby in two or three weeks time, so that may slow things down… 🙂


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