How to use 10-minute-burn

After 3 years, it's half full
After 3 years, it’s half full

It’s been really a long time until I managed to figure it out. Really.

I bought a bottle of it back in 2010 I think, and I still have half of that. And although I do have something like 30 different chilli sauces around in the house at a given time – it is still a shame. But, to tell the truth, I don’t really like it.

Anyway, it took more than three years to find the perfect solution. And immediately two solutions.

Both easy and both quite simply, so I don’t know what took that long. Anyway I quite often used the staff with any kind of stuff, pasta or meat – I gave a couple of drops to them and it was really hot and pungent. But the odd taste of the sauce gave a not-that-kind flavour to everything.

But once I put a couple of drops to the frying pan while still frying something in it. And the result was perfect. The odd taste was off while the pungency remained so my main problem with the sauce was forgotten.

The second try came after ordering some hot wings. I didn’t order chilli sauce ’cause my daughter wanted to eat some of them, but I obviously needed something hot to eat with.  So I mixed a couple of drops of 10-minute-burn with sweet chilli sauce – and it was surprisingly good. It was a home made Hungarian chilli sauce, it’s much better than most sauces, what’s more it’s among the bests – that helped a lot to kill the odd taste, again.

And yeah, there was a third time, one more thing with chicken wings – I had one drop of the sauce on each wing, and yeah, that was really hot, although that time the taste was a bit different, and reminded me to the bad part of the sauce.

Anyway, this time I feel like the sauce will not last for another three years…


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