Second daughter, new safety system

Right after being born

So, my second daughter has arrived, after three days mum and the baby are at home – and I immediately met the consequences.

There are quite a lot, obviously but this time I’m thinking of the chilli part – as always.

The first thing I realized was my hand touching hot and pungent things. I mean, you don’t even realize what damage that can cause. I had pickles, cucumbers with chopped habaneros soaked in the water in the pickle and I touched it with my fingers – obviously as I wanted to eat them.

Then in a couple of minutes I touched my mouth and nose and immediately I started to feel the heat around. So then it hit me, that what could happen if I touch my daughter anywhere, and I don’t even have to think of something special like the creaming after changing nappies. I can touch here anywhere, I mean she’s only one week old, her skin has never met anything other than water – and we all know how irritating can chilli be on the skin.

What’s more what happens when I give her a kiss with my lips covered with… ehm, capsaicin extract from habanero?

So first thing I did is I bought a pack of disposable gloves. I will use that every time I touch chillies and even when I touch something very hot, like 10-minute-burn for example. That will help not to touch anything with my skin, so she won’t touch it, either.

Now, that’s one thing done. But then there’re other problems. I can’t eat with gloves on my fingers, so I have to forget touching food with my bare fingers. There are things we tend to eat with our hands used here in Hungary, like chicken, or most recently I bumped into my home made pickled cucumber with habaneros. And as I rather often eat everything with something hot, the problem is the same as described above. The solution is attention and the use of fork and knife every single occasion.

And while preparing hot food. I was making burgers two or three days after they arrived home from the hospital, and was frying the meat in a pan – and gave some drops of 10-minute-burn to the pan. Now those drops immediately started to evaporate and above the pan I started feel the heat and irritation in my eyes. Not that much, but it was a sing and I obviously knew that it was a bit of a mistake. A couple of seconds later my wife started to cough and so did my older daughter. Not to an extreme level, but I knew what caused it. Luckily the baby was in an other room, so she didn’t feel it, but another area that requires attention.

And the situation is the same while doing the washing up. Hot water meets chillies or capsaicin and it irritates your nose, your throat, your eyes while above kitchen sink. This is not as bad as the hot oil for example, but not a nice experience either.

And serving and cutting food and chillies. One has to remember what was used to cut chillies, for example. Although she won’t eat meat until she’s old enough, but her mum can meet the everything in the kitchen and you don’t want her to eat hot things, ’cause who knows what effect that’ll have to the baby through her mother’s milk?

So these are only a little part of the safety things you’ll have to get used to, if you want to run a chilli-safe house, these are the basic instructions only, but it’s something to start with…


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