Books in search


I’m looking for books about gastronomy, food and everything around this theme. I managed to buy a good one, a Dictionary of Culinary & Menu Terms, and I can only hope that this is only the first of many on my shelves.

I was browsing through items on and bumped into this title. It was the cheapest among dictionaries, and because I couldn’t really look into it or into others, I chose this one – and it turned out to be a good choice.

It contains something like 12 thousand entries from all over the world with lots of different languages. It really is a collection of different terms – you find entries in foreign languages translated to English as well as English entries explained. So I’d say that’s exactly what I need now, to expand my vocabulary and everything. I could easily find those words I’d been looking for for ages to be translated to English. As I only received it yesterday I cannot be sure about the thoroughness of it – but 12 thousand seems to be a huge number.

This is the first one at home, and if anyone here can suggest another good title, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll buy those ones as soon as I can!


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