Traditional Hungarian – goose leg with braised cabbage and potato

Goose leg on the plate, St. Martin's day
Goose leg on the plate, St. Martin’s day

So, it’s the 11th of November and it’s St. Martin’s day all over the world. Here in Hungary it’s a traditional feast day and it’s also the day of the new wine. Everyone enjoys it except for poor geese as they are mostly displayed on the table.

This was the first time I decided to make a dish at home for this occasion and it was goose leg with potato and braised cabbage. As it is the first time I met goose in the kitchen I chose a simple recipe, but it turned out to be a good one.

You don’t need many things and ingredients for it:

  • goose leg
  • potato
  • garlic
  • red cabbage
  • salt
  • pepper
  • cumin
  • sugar
  • vinegar 10%
  • olive oil or goose fat

The best is to start with the meat itself. Give salt and pepper to all the sides of the leg(s) – it doesn’t matter how many legs you want to prepare, I made only one as I was the only one to eat it. Put it into a ceramic pot with a little oil, a couple of garlic leaves and a little water, put the lid on and place it in the oven for about 90 minutes on 180-190 degrees. (If you feel like, put a fresh chilli cut into slices into the pot – that won’t make any trouble unless you don’t like pungent things.)

Cabbage in the pan
Cabbage in the pan

So the oven is OK, time to turn to the cabbage. I cut the whole thing into four smaller parts and then cut them into thin slices with a shredder. When it’s ready give salt and let it rest for 30 minutes or something like that. When the cabbage drops a little bit and the salt leaks water pour it out. Get a frying pan and put a little oil in it with the sugar, heat it until the sugar starts to caramelize a bit. Then add the cumin, sear it a while, then add the cabbage. When the cabbage soften a little, you can pour the vinegar into the pan, braise it a little while, taste it, add sugar if you feel like – and then it’s ready.

Potato and garlic in the tin
Potato and garlic in the tin

And now for the last part – the potato. Cut it into slices and, with a couple of slices of garlic, put them into a roasting tin, strew salt, pepper, and ground paprika on them, pour olive on the top of every slice, shake it a little bit so that the slices move a bit and the oil reaches every part of the tin and put it into the oven at 220 degrees. Give it like 20 or 30 minutes and it’s ready. (Before putting it into the oven – a good idea to add some light touches of chilli powder, only to feel a bit more heat…)

Serve it on one plate and you’ll like it!

Goose on plate

goose leg


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