Now that’s a present, really


Rye bread with toppings

From my wife, a real surprise. I was brave enough one day to mention that the day before was the International Men’s Day – when I obviously hadn’t been treated as a man. (Of course that was a joke, err, well, at least 95% a joke…)

So the next day I was presented with this – a loaf of rye bread, with chilli. Quite a big deal of chilli, to tell the truth, ’cause my wife put one tablespoon of Naga Morich powder in, so I don’t miss heat from the slices.

rye bread
A loaf of rye bread

Well, there are things to be learnt as this was her first try of baking bread – but it’s not far from a very good try. The outer part of the bread, the carapace, if that’s the correct expression, is not so crunchy, I’d rather say it’s hard – but it is not white bread but rye bread, and this one is closer to the rye ones you can buy in a bakery.

slice of bread
A slice of the bread

I can’t and don’t really want to say anything about the cooking method as it is obviously not perfect – but we will carry on, from now on together, and later I’ll share everything with you.

I promise.


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