First meeting with Wilkinson’s sausage

And the second meeting with the stuff of and Robert, its owner, but we’ll get back to it later.

So this time I’d decided to order sausages, the ones called Wilkinson’s Irish sausage. Those are made fresh on every Thursday so we had them delivered on a Friday – 1 kg, 9 pieces of spicy Irish meat.

I tried three different ways of cooking them.

The Hungarian way

Sausages and blood pudding is fried in a skillet after pig slaughtering, with a bit of oil or butter and water in it. I used a little bit of butter and nothing else in the oven, on 180 °C. I didn’t make a photo, but it was nicely fried and remained juicy inside with a bit crunchy on the outside.

Fried in a non-stick pan without butter

Sausage and scrambled eggs
Sausage and scrambled eggs

When I woke up on Sunday I felt like it’s time for another round of sausages, that time with scrambled eggs. It wasn’t like my previous experiences with Hungarian style sausages – those are more spicy and more greasy compared to the Irish (and British) styles. So if you put one or two pieces of sausage of that into a frying pan, the sausages lets the fat out during the process, so you don’t really need anything like that to be added.

But the Irish ones don’t contain that much fat so there’s not that much to be let to drop out. So I added a bit of butter – and the result was a bit more juicy, not so dry compared to the previous one. The more intense heat helped to create a crunchier surface of the sausage – and that gave a better taste, as well.

The special one

Sausages in the frying pan
Sausages in the frying pan

Well, I found this method in The Guardian, end it is a two-step recipe. First the sausages are poached for twenty minutes in water around 65 °C. After that twenty minute interval the sausages are taken out of the saucepan and put into a very hot frying pan to be seared. This time I didn’t use any butter or oil.

And that was a bit of a mistake, because should have been used there. I don’t say that it ruined the whole thing, not at all, but with a bit of butter it could have been even better. These were the best sausages of the three method, although I still can’t say that I’ve already made my perfect ones. These were the least dry ones, but these were the most burned ones as well – my fault, obviously. I used a non-stick pan, but that didn’t really help.

Sausages on a wooden desk
Sausages on a wooden desk

Anyway, the outside of the sausages was one or two level more burnt than what you’d call “well-caramelized”, but the inside made up for it. That was juicy and a bit greasy, the meat was soft, could easily be sliced into little circles without falling apart.

Sausages sliced
Sausages sliced

I’ll try to make this last one even better, but the next time the sausages will be grilled – either in the oven or on an electric grill.

Sliced sausage with habanero sauce
Sliced sausage with habanero sauce

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