Cooking, learning, football and other things

When I realized that I wanted to write a blog in English I soon found out that I need another one. This one is about chillies and cooking (it all started with the chillies, yeah) – and I have another hobby (or obsession, rather) football (soccer?) and Manchester United, and that calls for another blog.

For half a year it’s been working well, I managed to post here and there (almost) evenly, once a week on either side. But as I have a blog in Hungarian, too, and with our second daughter growing and demanding more and more attention, so there’s a lot to do, well, suddenly I had no time and I just saw that there are no fresh things – nor here, neither there.

eggs in a saucepan
Here we go – it all started with some eggs this time

So, I was a little bit lost – but then I found the solution – I can simply merge my blogs. Two hobbies in one blogs, and it makes sense, really. I cook mostly while watching football (or at least I eat the stuff while watching football). And there are other things, too: I’m still learning cooking itself as I am learning the language of cooking and as I am learning writing in English and, in addition, writing about football in English, if you want to know.

And it’s like being David Moyes, the chef – you know a lot about football (you learnt it at Preston and at Everton), but you have a new situation here, where you have to relearn quite a lot (at ManUtd). So if you feel like, you can follow my adventures in cooking, chillies and football. I start it at the very beginning – the first things I cooked were a couple of eggs, and I definitely learnt something new, but you can read that in some new posts.

So what changes it makes?

There’ll be more posts, hopefully, there’ll be more posts about ManUtd, hopefully (well, at least I am happy about this, but I can’t say anything about you…). I know that more than half of the Earth’s population is now turning their back towards my blog but it’s a risk I need to take.

What else will there be?

Can it be worse? Yes, unfortunately as Manchester United found me in 1998-99, Baltimore found me around 2009 (The Wire!) – so there was only one step to become a fan of Baltimore Ravens. Good for me, last year’s Super Bowl was fantastic – and this year is like loosing SAF. Wait, that’s going on here – bloody hell.

Finished, now?

Only one thing, here. Well, I kind of feel like there’s something wrong here in Hungary, mostly with the government and with their activities and influence on every part of life here – culture, education, economy, society. So I guess I’ll need to express my concerns – and this will be the board.

So, that’s all for now – I hope no one feels the need to leave me and my posts, but we’ll see.


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