Like an egg salad – v Stoke, away, League Cup

So normally it would be an easy game, exactly like making an egg salad.

But these are different times for me and for United, as well – Moyes is learning and so am I. I thought I’d known a couple of thing around cooking – and I thought I’d known how to cook an egg. [And Young almost scored a screamer right now… Only he hit the side of the net.] So normally a game against Stoke would be a hard one, but most of the time won by routine, even with the B side.

Cooked eggs
Peeling wasn’t that easy…

As I would cook some eggs by routine – or I should say “boil” some eggs. ‘Cause so far I boiled eggs, not cooked them. So this is the first time when I put the eggs in a saucepan, covered with cold water, then bring it to the boil over high heat – and as soon as  possible. Then I remove the pan from the heat and let the eggs stand in the pan for about twelve minutes, as these are middle sized eggs. [So, I have time to watch I so far not that convincing United, where there’s still not much creativity.]

When time is up, I pour the hot water from the pan and run cold water over the eggs until they cooled.

egg on plate
Not so smooth, the white of the eggs…

After peeling the shell I put them into a bowl and mash them thoroughly. [And there’s a not so strong Anderson shot to the left side of Stoke’s goal – saved by Sorensen. And on the counter attack Stoke gets a corner. The weather is really bad. And there’s no corner, either.]

egg salad
Delicious and easy to prepare…

After mashing the eggs, come the seasoning, and the herbs – salt, pepper, parsley, and a bit of a mayonnaise. Taste it a couple of times and add other things if you feel like – I will make different variations next time, with garlic, chillies, onions, but this is a simple and fast recipe to make. [And the game is suspended because of the weather, I think it is ice falling on the pitch and the players going to the shelter.]

The salad is good for sandwiches, can be used as a side dish, on top of roast meats and with other veggies. Even children like it, and the more they can help in the making the happier they are. [While the match is a bit boring, United not really pressing – but now almost ahead, if Evans could have reacted a bit faster in the 5-yard-box…]

And we reached half-time, it’s 0-0.

So, ten minutes into the second half and Chicharito is on – once again I have to tell you I don’t really understand why we started with Welbeck in front. Okay, he had a good game against Villa, but he was our Chicharito there, he was only good at what Chicha is good at – being in the best place at the best moment. Anyway, prove me wrong, Danny, and I’ll apologize.

And here, Jesus Christ, Young scores, what a goal that is! And that’s Chicha, balls bounce to the right place from him. Beatiful – and finally Young can do something to please fans – he has never been the favourite of them. And something more for Moyes, as he’s just sent a player on whose assist scored a goal. Nice one, find a bit of confidence there, Mr. Moyes!

Talking about Young, I’ve always liked his style, I mean if you grow up in Hungary you can find Youngs in every village team. The small, fast guy in the team who’s good with the ball – there he is. He couldn’t really fulfil his potential so far – and I think he won’t really have more time, if we really plan the clear-out in the January window – and I haven’t even mentioned diving, you know…

Anyway, it is Evra, who scores our second, with his right foot – funny, at least. Good old Evra. Nice one!


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