Sautéed skillet potatoes – and Hull City, away

Well, I’m a bit behind, first ’cause I missed the West Ham game (well, I watched it in a pub, so I couldn’t cook anything, I had a bit more beer, rather…), and secondly because there was an internet crisis here during Christmas – when else?

Never mind, I’d planned to cook this as part of the learning process – this time it was sautéing something easy, just to start with. (And it was the same kind of experience for Moyes as well – after a couple of disappointing results, the team won four in a row in all competitions. And the festive season coming there was a lot to hope on either the cooking side – turkey, soups, whatever or the footballing side – while we play against teams below us, on the table, at least, our biggest opponents play a couple of matches against each other.)

As on Boxing Day we still had the best part of the Christmas Turkey it was obvious to make a side dish for it, and when the match started I started to prepare everything. That was the time when I realized that I hadn’t known if I had baking potatoes at home. So there was a bit of a delay in the process – and by the I made the decision to bake them anyway, Hull City were in front by a goal that shouldn’t have happened – firstly because it wasn’t a corner and secondly because we should have defended better. Anyway, it’s not really a big deal if you concede early in the game – most of the game is there for you to turn it around, and United have proved they can do that many times.

potato cubes
Potatoes sautéed in a skillet/pan

So I started to chop the potatoes into cubes, or as size matters, into dices, rather. By the time I finished and put the cubes into the skillet with something like three or four tablespoon of oil, United were two goals behind, once again a rather interesting goal – good old Evans and his right leg did the job for Hull. We were unlucky there, and although I was swearing a little bit (I really didn’t understand what was going on, ’cause I didn’t know what our defenders were doing there), but I knew that we would somehow win that game. I really thought that we were going to score more than two and weren’t going to concede again.

Anyway, the washed and dried potato cubes were in the middle of the sautéing process when Smalling made it 2-1 with a beautiful header from Rooney’s free kick. And United were pushing so hard that I could hardly finish the potatoes in the skillet when Rooney levelled the game with one of his best shots.

red pepper and onion
Red pepper and onion in a wok

And I thought that by the time finished the chopping of the red pepper and the onion we would be ahead but the half time result was a draw – so I had time to chop another onion and the other half of the red pepper. When these were ready I decided to use my wok instead of the pan that I used to sauté the potatoes – simply because that wasn’t big enough to hold all the things in.

skillet potatoes
Sautéed skillet potatoes done

So with two or three teaspoon of butter I put the onion and the red pepper into the wok and gave them something like five to eight minutes until those inside were starting to soften a little bit and then I added the potatoes and sautéed them together until the potatoes were crisp and browned a bit.

turkey and potatoes
Turkey with sautéed potatoes and chillies

I added a leg of the Christmas turkey to the plate with some chilli pickles from the kitchen of a friend of mine’s mum – and I was waiting for the second half to finish Hull off. And we were lucky enough to have Chester, who scored the first goal to have one in his own net – poor guy. Oh, yeah, once a red, always a red.

And again – different Uniteds in different parts of the game one with pressing and playing the ball, attacking, pushing forward and one with sloppy defending, making stupid mistakes, almost conceding at the very end of the match, even DDG making a stupid and almost idiotic move when he left his goal. That was a lunatic thing to do but otherwise he saved our match in the dying moments of the game – when once again Chester could have equalized for Hull. And if someone, than DDG is one of our best player, not to mention that how he developed into one of the finest keepers of the game. From time to time he even can come out and hit those high balls with confidence.

So maybe I am a bit overreacting this whole thing but a little bit I feel like the Champions are back.

It’s not only the results – mainly other things. Against Shakhtar it was a bit close, that game, they had more goalscoring options, but we won. Ugly, but a game won, top of the group, the result is Olympiakos, and we should be happy about them. Villa and Stoke, nice games against hard-to-beat teams, away. West Ham at home, dominating as United need to in front of the home crowd – and that should have been a clean sheet.

And Hull City, coming from two behind, showing strength and the potential that makes this team a title contender – if not this year than a bit later. And even this year can be a little bit better, if we can hold on to this run in the festive season, win against Norwich and can beat Tottenham on New Year’s day. And we’re now in seventh position, 5 points behind 4th placed Liverpool.

And Everton have just lost a game and I hope that this shows that there are teams in front of us that are on the down, while we remain on the up.


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