Steamed broccoli with lemon butter – and Norwich, away

It’s Saturday, early afternoon and I’m going for a really easy one – the next day, Sunday will be my day with a good matchday program with Premier League football and NFL on from the afternoon till midnight and more. So it’s just a bit of broccoli with lemon butter – a good try for my vegetarian days. And the green broccoli goes well with Norwich’s yellow and green…

And once again a tricky away game, and we know that, last time here United lost 1-0 in the PL. Norwich is can be hard to beat, oh, yeah, although this year they’re showing sings of inconsistency and that loss in the blue part of Manchester is horrible for them.

Prior to the game we went to Metro, to buy salmon for the next day’s menu, so we just popped in for the kick-off. By the time I sliced the broccoli and put the florets into the saucepan to steam it, ten minutes had gone from the match, and United’s possession is almost eighty percent in the game. But after something like 8-10 minutes in the saucepan – it’s Norwich pressing in front of our goal – and a couple of DDG saves are keeping us level, only. Add salt, pepper or other desired seasoning to the broccoli for the flavour.

butter and lemon
Butter and lemon in the saucepan

Anyway, while the broccoli are being steamed, in an other saucepan I melt three tablespoon of butter and the juice of a half of a lemon. Constantly stirring to blend them.

Before the sauce is ready, put the broccoli onto a plate or into a serving bowl, and then pour the butter on them. It’s ready in thirty-thirty or five minutes and makes a nice side dish.

broccolis with lemon butter
Steamed broccoli with lemon butter

And now, I can watch Norwich pushing United hard – a couple Evra mistakes and other’s, and some great blocks in our blocks – so we are not behind.

At half time it’s a draw, but what a different one the Hull game, there we were unlucky, here we are lucky not to be behind, one or two goals down. Good news? Yeah, my daughter is eating the broccoli – she’s already eaten half of the portion.

turkey and broccoli
Turkey with broccoli and lemon butter

Please, give someone a hair-dryer to Moyes!

The second half started like the previous one, with a Norwich opportunity – but since that United seems to be pushing and concentrating – we have Welbeck on for Giggs and that was a good sub as he fights for a ball that bounces from him to the foot of Hernandez and from there the ball bounces to the path of Welbeck who finds the net then – a nice and well-fought goal by Danny. And it’s really good to see him fighting and scoring. Although a couple of minutes later, after a cross by Young it’s the same old Danny, who could not find out how to touch the ball…

79th minute: Anyway, ten minutes to go and I’m not surer we win this game than I was two goals down in the Hull game…

87th minute: Fletcher on for Hernandez, so we are not going for another goal but it seems like we defend a bit more – I expect a nervy finish  to the game.

Final: Good for us, not really nervy, once again three points in the bag, it’s now six in a row in every competition. Nine points from twelve during the festive season, and Tottenham come in a couple of days. After that two easier-looking games in the FA and the League Cup against Swansea and Sunderland, respectively – only to meet again Swansea in January before Chelsea in the PL.

Not a convincing day, but three points and we needed that. It’s not going to be enough against Tottenham or other teams so we’ll have to improve – but that would have been different with Rooney and/or RVP. But these matches should be won without them, easily.

And not to mention that here comes the January transfer window where we may buy someone.


  • half kg of broccoli
  • three tablespoon of butter
  • juice of a half lemon
  • salt, pepper or whatever you want

And by the way – don’t pour the water from the steaming to the drain – save at least part of it, freeze it, and that’ll add flavour to rice or sauces!


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