Fried eggs with bread & transfer window open

(OK, this post was meant to be published some two weeks ago – sorry ’bout that, nice and hectic weeks behind…)

I bumped into this recipe on this page,, and I immediately adored it – so I decided to spice it up a little bit.

The original is very good and nice, but I had things in the fridge to use. According to the original one, first is to make a toast but not with the toaster, but on butter in a frying pan. Well, never leave this step out! When the slices of the bread are toasted, with something round make a whole into the middle of them.

eggs in bread
One without leeks – for my daughter

After that, it’s the eggs turn – take the yolks and the white apart – then put the white into the frying pan, and put the bread onto the white. Then the yolks go into the whole – then cover it and fry until it’s good for you.

Now, that’s the original recipe, but I suggest you can load other things into this breakfast. For example some nice slices of ham, in between the white and the bread, and then add some slices of onion or leek, rather. And when it’s ready, some grated cheddar, or a slice won’t do any harm.

Butter for the toast

And, after a lovely breakfast, some advice to Mr. Moyes: just try the same with ManUtd in the January window… Spice it up, but use the old recipe as a base. What do I mean? The old gaffer had never really been active in the January window, and he had reasons to do that. You can’t really buy easily for your money, the seller clubs know that they can get higher prices for their players. And they really not very keen on selling, either – they have half a season to finish, and if they sell, it will be hard for them to find players to be bought.

So it’s really hard for us to find someone, and even more, because lots of the names mentioned with United have already played in the Champions League, for example – so even if they come to us, they can’t play. (Well, not that I expect a long season in the CL, but at least on round we’ll surely have.)

toast with hole
Toasted bread with the whole

But, now it seems, that we are in serious trouble this season to qualify for the CL – and we’ll be in an even bigger one, if we don’t qualify. No big names’ll come to us in the summer if they can’t play CL football the next season. So it’s a bloody trap, but one that has to be solved this month.

leeks sliced
Leeks, sliced

So, what are the options?

  1. Our players. The first is to get back RVP and Rooney in a good shape. We can’t do it without them. It’s gonna be a hard and long fight and we need goals from them. And there are the others, who are underperforming nowadays.
  2. Our loaned players. Seems like Lingaard can score goals and Nick Powell can freshen up our midfield a little bit. At least he’s capable to give some rest to our most used players in games in the FA or the League Cup.
  3. Players without CL football. Like Cabaye, for example. He knows the Premier League, can score goals and available in the CL.
  4. Players with CL football. It’s a harder decision, like Koke of Atletico, for example – he’d be more expensive and hard to buy, but he could help us to a CL spot by the end of the season. And there is Mata, for example, the same situation.

I don’t really like the option Sneijder provides – for the long term he’s not my player and to be a short term one he’s too expensive, not only because of his selling price, but his wages.


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