Hungary and the democracy – Paks

Just to  make it clear, I’m not a physicist, so I’m not an expert in nuclear power. I only know that this is something that can provide us with quite cheap energy – but the price can only be counted if you know the result. I mean it can be really cheap, but if there’s an accident, you can loose everything.

But I don’t want to talk about that aspect.
Created by repavalleszurtnyul in protest against Paks (

I’m not a friend of nuclear power and nuclear plants, I would prefer the renewable energy – and I really think that this is the way towards humanity should go. Humanity and especially countries with so dependant economies as Hungary’s.

And here we are, dependency. Our parliament has just sign an act, that will put us into a situation as dependant as it was thirty years ago, in the not-so-well-remembered communism. The story is, that Hungary want to build an expansion to the existing parts, with conditions like these:

  • We borrow 3000 billion Forints from Russia for 30 years.
  • Hungary gives 750 million Forints as own founds.
  • 40 percent of the investment and the work will be carried out by Hungarian companies, which well add 1% to the Hungarian GDP and creates 10.000 new jobs (numbers by the government).
  • The 2 new blocks will double the capacity of Paks, the nuclear plant, but after closing the old blocks, it will be the half of it, again. According to the government, it will lessen our dependency from Russian gas and oil.

I’m not a physicist and I’m not an economist, either. I don’t know if these numbers are right, but I do know that this kind of dependency is not good at all. And especially not good from a giant like Russia – and unfortunately we, Hungarians all know that country, very well.

But there are other things here, about this story.

Our PM, Viktor Orban simply travelled to Russia and simply signed a contract – then they announced it. That’s the story, nothing more. Nowadays it’s only a formality that the parliament has to ratify it, here in Hungary, as there are no MPs, only yes-buttons, there, in the parliament. They don’t ask questions, they just press the button they were told to press.

But the government could even turn this upside down – the ratification was planned to the 13th of February, but suddenly they changed the date and it was held a week earlier, on the 6th of February. Obviously, there were no problems with the ratification.

There’s one slight chance for those who oppose the decision – the Hungarian president has to countersign it. But Janos Ader is a former member of the governing party, Fidesz, he’s not really opposing anything that is put on his table, he’s simply a right hand of the government.

So, without any kind of societal debate, without any kind of political debate, without any kind of professional or scientific debate, Hungary chose to owe a hell of a money to Russia, to build something that is nowhere near widely accepted and nowhere near proven in the numbers provided.

That’s the real trouble here, the lack of communication and debate – but this is Hungary nowadays. Two-thirds, they say.

And this time I don’t feel like cooking something…


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