First things – steak au poivre and reflection to the beginning of the season

So, yeah, it’s gonna be a reflection to my career as a chef-at-home and David Moyes’ at Manchester United.

It’s steak au poivre this time on the plate and I really feel like it’s like playing Wigan in the Community Shield before the new season begins. I mean it is the one thing you wish for if you start your career at a team, you’ve already had a couple of tries during the summer tour, you are more or less successful, so far.

Exactly, it’s not a big deal, the one thing really important is what you have on the table (and on the pitch). And at that time Moyes could have thought that he had that bunch of players – although we all knew that there were problems in different parts of the team. Anyway, back then there everything looked quite nice, CS won, Wigan nicely beaten, easy job, still time for acquiring new faces.

Ingredients for steak au poivre

And that’s exactly where I am now in my cooking experience – after a nice start this recipe looked quite easy to make – and there were no problems. And I am lucky to have a friend who brings the best meat to Hungary. If you want to buy good quality meat here in Hungary you really have to dig deep – and that is how I found I don’t know what I was looking for but I bumped into the website and since that time if I need beef or Irish sausage or cheddar I call Robert, the owner and he delivers. This time I ordered tenderloin from him (among other things).

Slices of tenderloin

I can’t really think of anything easier so far during my history of cooking. Apart from the ingredients the most important is the preparation – I’ve already decided that I would make everything ready prior to the process of cooking itself. That really makes everything easier, believe me – so that is how my kitchen island looked.

Slices of tenderloin

I started with the black pepper and the mortar – crushed them all, then spread that all on the cutting board. Then I placed the stakes on the pepper, covering all sides of the meat. I pressed all sides to massage it into the steaks well.

Then I had time to let it just rest a little bit ’cause the family left for a walk and I wanted them to taste the steaks hot.

steaks on a cutting board
Steak au poivre, ready for eating

But then I put the steaks into a frying pan with just a little oil on high heat for something like one minute for each side, so that the meat is seared a little bit. Then turned the heat to medium and let the steaks fry for five minutes each sides. Well, one of them was in for a longer time, because five minute is enough for a medium doneness and my wife wanted a well-done one. You can check the doneness with a paring knife or anything else.

medium steak
Steak au poivre, medium

After both sides and both the stakes were ready I took them out to the cutting board, and the time for the sauce has come. You just have to add the wine, the onion or the shallots, bring it to the boil and reduce the liquid to half. Then add the broth, the butter, the chilli sauce or the tomato paste and again reduce to a third or until it’s thickened to the desired level.

medium steak
Steak au poivre, medium

Cover the stakes with the sauce and serve with mashed potatoes (for example).

medium steak
Steak au poivre, medium

So, easy job, well done, just like the first official match of the new boss. Then he had a good match, the first of the Premier League out there in Swansea, where we won easily, so it was a good start for the season. Unfortunately we all know what happened in the next couple of weeks and months – and I can only hope that the same thing won’t happen to me in cooking…


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