Green tea with ginger

So, it’s not going to be anything about football or cooking – although it is a good custom I recently picked up.

I’ve always loved drinking tea and a couple of weeks ago I realized I needed it again – so I bought a good electric kettle and found a good (?) tea shop. The question mark is there because I’m not sure about the quality but it is close to my office and sells a great variety of teas and accessories – and even looks like a decent shop. And finally there’s a kind woman behind the desk – a year or two ago I bough tea there a few times but the assistant was really awful. I couldn’t even ask anything that time, she was so strict and sullen.

tea and ginger
Tea with ginger, stirred

Anyway, the main point is yesterday’s tea. Easy one, you need only a couple of things:

  • green tea
  • ginger
  • cheese grater
ginger in a cup
Grated ginger in a cup

Do it the usual way you would make a good cup of green tea, but before pouring the water into the cup, grate something like a tea- or tablespoon of ginger into it.

Add the water and a bit of honey, wait until ready and enjoy!

ginger on cutting board
Ginger on a cutting board

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