Tortillas – third round & Estonia-England

So, it seem like I can only move in the kitchen as the team I watch on telly is doing – and that doesn’t mean anything good to my tortillas. Because England were really poor the day before – exactly like my tortillas.

Yesterday meant the third try with cooking this thing – and I don’t really want to talk (write) about the first two. Just to remind me my foolishness – the first time I did not check the paper bag and used pastry flour instead of the all-purpose one, and I suppose the second one was just not good enough.

Then I read something about a special mixture the Mexicans use to prepare their proper tortillas – masa harina. So I bought a bag of that. And found the easiest recipe to start with – needed only masa harina and hot water to knead.

Anyway, I can’t say that this was worth the try, ’cause only my daughter was a bit satisfied with the result, but a good step on the road.

I used the recipe as it was written, nothing more added.

  • 1 3/4 cups masa harina
  • 1 1/8 cups water

After mixing I was supposed to divide the whole thing into 15 equal size balls. Well, I don’t know what the creator supposed, but from those balls I could only make 3-inch tortillas. Unfortunately I don’t have a tortilla pres, so I had to use a rolling pin – and that I don’t really use very often, so we are not that close friends. (And I need to buy a proper board for the job, too.)

tortilla balls
(Mostly) equal-size balls

So, then I used three balls for one tortilla, and that was a bit better – not too thick but not too thin, I could wrap them (not that easily but that’s a step forward…) – but the edges were still cracked and ragged. Partly because I wasn’t able to use the rolling pin and could not flatten the balls.

tortilla and plastic
Tortilla in plastic bags

Anyway, they don’t look nowhere near close to a proper tortilla – and they didn’t taste, either. The recipe said nothing about salt or pepper or anything else, so I didn’t use any.

Almost a tortilla

Next time I’ll try a different one.

And yeah, about the match. It’s the same as my tortillas – yeah, everything was the same, there were footballers on the pitch, good players, but that’s hardly worth watching. England against ten men opponent, and it’s only one-nil with a (superb) Rooney free kick.

So, at least after ninety (or so) minutes, England bagged another win and another three point, but still – this performance would take us nowhere near a good result against a better team. Seems like Rooney can’t really score, that said, he scored the winner – but still, he had a lot of opportunities against San Marino and against Estonia – but only two goals. From two set pieces.

The next game is Slovenia in the Wembley, then Scotland away – now those gonna be some tests.


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