A reasonably planned stadium

Among all the unnecessary stadium buildings here in Hungary, one can find a rather interesting one.

As opposed to the monumental ones around the country, there is the one built in Győr that was built by (mostly) the owner’s and sponsors’ money, so they did not have to pay and represent over.

As far as I know, the local government provided the area for the stadium, and one sponsor paid for the plans and for the construction.

And they managed a stadium with two stands on the two sides of the pitch, with a hotel on the third one, and with the possibility of a forth stand on the forth side. This is an image from above he pitch from a room on the fifth level of the hotel.

Panorama of the stadium of Győri ETO
Panorama of the stadium of Győri ETO

It is not big, it is not governmentally monumental, it is built from the money of the club for the supporters of the club. Dot.

If and when the club makes progress in the Europa League or in the Champions League and that provides money for development, they can build another stand.


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