Pingo doce – Tempero para Frango

When a friend of mine travels abroad, I am mostly given a little culinary present when they return.

This time it was Heni and Suhi – and they went to Portugal for a couple of days. And the present was two little things, one of them a Pingo doce product, the so called Tempre para Frango. Well, I don’t speak Portuguese, so I could only use Google translate to figure out what that was – and obviously I had started to use it prior to figuring out what that is.

Anyway, that’s how it goes, so I used it a couple of times as a spread on my morning sandwiches. And on tortillas for lunch.

pingo doce
Sauce on tortillas

And I wasn’t really satisfied. It is too salty, it is supposed to be mixed with garlic – and it is, only that kind of plastic the whole flavour. Then came the idea to translate it with the translator – and I realized that it was seasoning for chicken.

Pingo doce – Temper para Frango

By that time I already used more than the half of the amount so I could cover only two full chicken wings. Here in Hungary we use all three parts of the wing folded together so it’s not like the ones you can buy at KFCs so I refer to them as two but it meant in this case that I had a six pieces wings menu. Not a big dinner but a good one for a match or a movie in front of the telly.

Chicken wings and the sauce

I made another mistake, because I spread the sauce on the wings on a certain Thursday, only to leave it in the fridge for three days, because I left for a conference. The wings got a bit dry and the spread wasn’t really enough for both of them, but it should have done the job.

Wings and sauce
Wings and sauce, after the oven

And it would have, had it been a bit better flavoured. Once again it was too salty, and had too much garlic in it – so it really wasn’t enjoyable.

Now, if you translate the Description part, you can read that the producer advices us to use it in small quantities because of the high salt content. It is good for roasted and braised meats, so wings included – but still, it is too salty for me.

Unfortunately there is no more, so I could not try in a good pot of braised chicken, but never mind, there may be someone, who brings me one again. Or I may find it somewhere around Hungary.

But I’m still not convinced about the flavour of it…


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