Breakfast at “á table”

Once in a week or two we kind of need to get out of the office surroundings and have a nice little breakfast. A decent breakfast, you know, when you sit down, order something (or take that thing to your table, if there’s no service – as it is at most places).

Unfortunately there are restrictions geographically as you can’t really travel to a far, far away galaxy to have your omelette, ’cause we obviously need to be back in a reasonable time.

So this was the third time we went out and this time it was a small French boulangerie in the 2nd district of Budapest, close to the mall Mammut. By small I mean small, ’cause you can only find something like 8 tables there, and the place is overcrowded with the furniture even without people. Anyway, it’s called “á table”, not that old but a really nice place.

croissant with salad
Croissant and baby salad leaves

The desk is overcrowded as well, so you have to be ready to figure out what you want. When I entered and went to the desk I told the young waitress there that I would like something for breakfast (what a surprise…). Anyway, she started to show me the items there and there was so many that I could only remember the last three – croissants with this and that. And one of them was croissant with ham, so I chose that.

It had been warmed up before served to me, and it was very good. Not too hot but warm thoroughly and they gave a few baby salad leaves with it on the plate, and put a little cheese over the croissant which melted a bit, oh, nice one.

So, service is perfect, the girls there are very kind, I wouldn’t say that you get a little bit of France in there, but there’s no problem. The variety of the foods are exceptional, you can buy lots of things and eat them or take away. You can have breads or baguettes, ciabattas, rolls etc.

The prices are a bit high, the croissant and a coffee with milk cost 1,300 HUF, circa 4,5 EUR, not that much but a average Hungarian could not afford that day-by-day.

Anyway, I will go back at least once with the family especially that I missed the opportunity to taste the sandwich with duck liver.

If you happen to come to Hungary, just give it a try!


á table

Retek utca 6, Budapest 1024 (that’s the one we visited)

Arany János utca 16, Budapest 1051
Böszörményi út 16, Budapest 1126
Lövőház utca 2, Budapest 1024
Wesselényi utca 9, Budapest 1077


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