Spare ribs from Don Pepe’s

Well, Don Pepe’s is a Hungarian fast food chain that was specialized in pizzas mostly before widening their range with other different meals. I wouldn’t say they provide the very best quality but they are worthy of an order and I really can’t remember a time when I had a really great problem with any of their things.

So, they are well above average, that’s fair to say.

And they are quite an experiencing team as you can always find something new on the menu. And I was happy to realize they offer spare ribs nowadays, so I could hardly wait for the right occasion to try them.

That came last Sunday, when I ordered an XXL pizza for my daughters’ godparents – and one box of spare ribs for myself.

spare ribs
Spare ribs from Don Pepe’s

After opening it wasn’t that bad, the order was at my table something like 40 minutes after I finished the call – I don’t say it was burning hot, but warm enough.

spare ribs
Spare ribs from Don Pepe’s

When I saw the food I was a little bit dissapointed, the Hungarian cut ribs contain much more meat and fat – and I was prepared for that. Anyway, it looked good, although it was obvious that it is not the saucy, dripping type.

spare ribs
Spare ribs from Don Pepe’s

And I was right, it was dry, it was tasteless, without any good flavour around. Not even salt or pepper. The last time I had ribs in a restaurant was at Manga Cowboy, and they really made my day then. Those were glazed mini ribs, but they were almost perfect there. (I forgot to take photos there, but I will go back to hunt them soon… With my family, probably.)

Anyway, I don’t really expect gourmet food from a fast food chain, but it should taste something. I love the meat, and the flavours coming from it, and I prefer to taste it seasoned as it suits the type of meat.

But that wasn’t the case that time.

spare ribs
Spare ribs with blue cheese sauce

At least the blue cheese sauce was good enough as a dipping sauce, and the potatoes were nicely done, too.

Still, I will make my own, with more meaty ribs that you could see in this post.

One other thing came to my mind again – I’m still not good at the parts of pork (and beef, etc), so first things first, my task is to learn those parts in Hungarian, then in English. It’s not that easy though, as the Hungarian cut is a bit different from, say, the English one.

But that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it?


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