Good bye party with English breakfast

A friend of mine quitted his job here at the office, and as we are quite a close bunch of colleagues (actually, more than colleagues only…), we wanted to mark his last day at the office.

The first idea was to have a burger for lunch somewhere close to the office, but we let that go because of a lack of time. Then it was a breakfast in a nearby restaurant, Mezzo Music Restaurant – but then we figured that if it is a breakfast, than we should have an English one, as he had been quite fond of it when we’d been in London a couple of years ago.

So, another friend of us had gone to a shop called Culinaris and bought the ingredients for the day.

Now, have you ever cooked in an office kitchen? Not that well-equipped, I have to tell you, really. Well, at least in our case.

Anyway, the task was given, so we collected two other toaster-ovens from different kitchens on the 5th floor, and we had a microwave oven, too. We used two toasters for the sausages, the third one for the mushroom and the tomatoes, the microwave for the sliced ham, and in about one and a half hour breakfast was ready.


kitchen in office
That’s what I’m talking about – the kitchen

The sausages were put into a tinfoil plate and into the toaster-oven, just like the mushroom and the tomatoes. It took three rounds to cook all the stuff bought for the occasion.

Well, prior to that, success wasn’t really guaranteed – but it was a really nice one, after all. I don’t think everyone on the floor was definitely impressed with the idea, but they were probably only envy of the food we made. The smell was delicious, and I was satisfied, really,  no questions about that, it was worth the hustle.

english breakfast
The result – not that bad, is it?

And, the ham prepared in the microwave oven was surprisingly good! Paper towel on a plate, ham, another paper towel, three minutes or so, and it’s good. Nice and easy, if you don’t have time or the tools.

The same method with the fried eggs – put some olive oil on a plate, brake three or four eggs on it, depending on the size of the plate, put it into the microwave for three or four minutes – and there you go! I don’t say that it will be worth a Michelin star but there will be no complaints.

So, that was it – and that’s the way you do the job if you are in the office!


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