Sunday morning breakfast (and a snake?)

More like an early lunch, but really, I needed that.

I woke up at around nine, the children were still sleeping, and it still wasn’t 29 degrees Celsius outside – so I decided to go for a run. I’m following a training plan, and this time it was a “5-minute slow and 45-minute steady” workout scheduled.

I don’t say that I thoroughly enjoyed it, but after the finish line, it was a good feeling. But by the time I finished it was something like quarter past 10, I had to cool down, get ready, so the breakfast was ready just after eleven.

Because while I was running, I figured that I deserve an enormous breakfast – after completing that run, you’d have felt like that, too. (By the way, I met a girl running, too, so there are other crazy people around here…)

Piadina on the plate

So, I felt like I need a bit of protein, so I thought I was going to prepare something with eggs. Scrambled eggs with onion, a bit of a ham, and a few spare ribs, leftover from yesterday.

Nothing really complicated, first things first, onion, ham, ribs diced, eggs, salt and pepper, poured onto the piadina, there you go.

Piadina cut into halves

So, then I was really pleased – until I ate half of it.

I was watching the True Detectives season one final, enjoying my meal – when my wife burst into the bedroom and told me, that one of our neighbours were there, because while she was sitting on the sofa with her daughter, she saw a snake in their living room, and the snake moved to their bedroom so they just run off to us.

First I simply didn’t understand what happened, that thing, a snake was just out of my expectations or my world, so she had to tell me three times, when I realized what was going on.

Anyway, after two hours of facing death in a small bedroom by a killer snake, looking for him, I found the intruder – a small, little grass snake. It was probably more frightened than I.

So I picked it with a grill fork, put it into a bag, and we took it to the river with the children.

So it goes…


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