My new friend – Weber Rapidfire chimney starter

So, I’d already bought a chimney starter in an Auchan, but I’d left that at my mother-in-law’s, so I had to buy a new one. And this time I thought I would buy a good one instead of a no-name product. I had quite a lot of problems with lighting up briquettes and/or charcoal, but it seems like I finally found a tool to help this part of the game.

chimney and box
The Weber Rapidfire

So, if there’s something that lights the down part of the chimney up, this Weber thing is very good.

light under chimney
Starting the chimney with the provided starter

But before all that, let’s see my problems I’ve faced and face now with the whole fire process:

– How to have burning briquette or charcoal? (Well, this is kind of solved with this Weber chimney.)

– What to use? Briquettes of charcoal?

– What to use to light up the chimney?

So, this post is about the first question.

light under
Starting to catch fire

What I’ve wanted is something easy, quite fast and clean. I don’t really want to use anything chemical or too artificial. I tried a couple of different starters made of the paraffin-like thing, but those smell bed and, you know, you never know.

heat under
Fire under – briquettes are catching heat

Anyway, after that, I used paper under the chimney – but then the remaining burned parts of the paper were all over the place, flying in the air. My neighbours and my wife weren’t too impressed.

briquettes on fire
Almost at the end – briquettes on fire

So, I figured out that I could by an outdoor gas stove and a gas cartridge – an easy and natural way to light up the chimney. And that’s what I did, and it seems like that could be the solution. The only problem with it is that the heat is so high while the stove is under the chimney, that the plastic tap on the stove is already melted a bit.

briquettes on grill
Briquettes on the grill – that’s kind of hot

The next day I tried it with charcoal, it was much quicker than with briquettes, but the result was the same, just like my satisfaction.

charcoal in chimney
Charcoal on fire

Now, that’s where I am nowadays – what do you think? Any advice, experience, whatever?



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