Tea in the house

I love teas, different kinds of them, but especially the black ones, with milk. This is a great memory from my time in London, back around 2000. Then I drank mostly PG Tips, because that was on shelves in the kitchen of the flat of Stefka and Stefan, my bosses. Stefka, the mother of Stefan, who was around 8 and I was taking care of him. Well, sort of.

Anyway, I could hardly wait for the previous tea to finish off, that was a Twinings tea, the classic loose leaf Earl Grey one. I wouldn’t say that was way too bad, but I could have easily found something better. My biggest problem was that I couldn’t keep the infuser in the hot water long enough to have a really really brown, almost black liquid in the mug. I put almost two teaspoons of leaves into the thing and let it rest in the mug for ten minutes – still no color.

And then I decided to buy a box of Loose Leaf Tea from Tesco, they have a brand called “Tesco Finest” and this one is a fair trade one.

That's the box
That’s the box

After the first try, it seems a bit better, at least I don’t have to put it that much (one teaspoon was enough) and it seems more colorful in terms of brownness.

After opening the box, the metal packaging seems to more trustful than a normal plastic one, I suppose it saves more aromatic stuff than the other one, although I only suppose that, and I may only imagine it… šŸ™‚ Anyway, I trust it more.


When I cut it open, the smell wasn’t really the best I can imagine – it reminded me to a freshly painted room or a DIY shop’s wood or building material section.

As opposed to the previous one, these tea leaves are very finely cut, the Twinings one was full of big and quite long leaves.

The package is open
The package is open

After about five or six minutes the liquid is much more brown, I like the color, so, with the added milk, it looks a very nice mug of tea. According to the packageĀ and the strength guide this is a “2 Medium Strength” one, and I agree with that.

It is a good one for a light after lunch tea, or a midday tea if you feel like, it wouldn’t cause heart attacks if you drink more than three a day, and you can even love it. The taste is smooth, nice, it could be stronger, I prefer when I really feel the taste of the tea but still, it is a good one.



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