Team news for the Liverpool game

So it is that night tonight, away at Liverpool, after meeting four times in the Premier League, winning four times in the Premier League, now it’s for European glory. Only, it’s only the round of 16s and only the second European cup. No worries, a tie against Liverpool is always one of the best moments of my life – there was only one exception when we were led by Mr. Moyes. I can forget those results.

Anyway, I wouldn’t have expected the four wins out of four under LVG either, still we could do that. Hope we can repeat that but I will be satisfied with a draw away.

Players are coming back but not as many as we could do with, and there’s the question again – should he (LVG) stick to those young guys who had brought wins or should he put back the experienced first team players? Will it be a WBA where we were ineffective and dull again?

I would send out this team.

Varela seems like someone having been playing there for years while Darmian started well at the beginning but somehow lost composure a couple of months ago. Smalling and Blind obvious choices in the middle of defence, Rojo needs (match-)time and we are without Fosuh-Mensah, so no choices, really. And the Argentinian can support Memphis if the latter has a good day.

Schneiderlin & Carrick is not the best of the possible partnerships there, but we need two of the likes to hold back Liverpool’s midfield.

And with the next four we could win it if we have a bit of a luck and the midfield and the defence won’t make big mistakes.

Martial in the middle and if it doesn’t work, change with Rashford.

There it is, glory-glory!

team vs liverpool
The team vs Liverpool

3 thoughts on “Team news for the Liverpool game

  1. I would switch Rojo to CB honestly – Blind is good, but I think he’s a little hasty/rash at times.

    Wary of Carrick and Schneiderlin together. What do you think about playing Mata in CM – in the same way Arsenal used Cazorla, and played Rash/Martial up top together? That’d give Lingard/Memphis/Januzaj two true strikers to to whom they can provide service.


    • Blind can perform at CB but I would change him as soon as we find a natural CB – when he has a bad day he is really bad.

      Having Rash and Martial up front together? I’ve been thinking of that since Rashford broke into the team. So, given that and Mata in CM instead of Carrick – would that be a 4-4-2? Anyway, I would give it a try, though Cazorla is a bit more physical then Mata, I think.


  2. I think Rojo should be playing at CB. He’s not got the pace to be playing LB, and he’s physically strong. I think he’s better suited than Blind – who I think gets exposed at times because of his rashness.

    What do you think about maybe playing Mata instead of Carrick in CM – in the same way Arsenal used Cazorla. And have Martial and Rashford up front together. That’d give our wingers (two of Memphis/Januzaj/Lingard) with some serious threat up front to whom they can provide service.


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