LÜK is one of the best

logic game LÜK
The table and blocks of LÜK

I love playing a little bit with the girls and it is especially good when they are in the mood. That does not happen often, unfortunately.

This was the situation today, also, as she was getting ready to play something with her mother – or at least she had planned to, but I intervened. It took something like 10 minutes to convince her to swap her mum to me, but I succeeded somehow.

Anyway, LÜK is something we bought for the older girl a couple of years ago and there are some leaflets that are suitable for younger children too, so those can be played with the younger one, who is 4 at the time, you know.

LÜK is a game where in a book or leaflet the player has to find pairs between two pages of the book/leaflet and if the pairs are correctly identified they have to be marked with special blocks. And if those blocks are placed to the correct part, the six blocks will display a certain figure on the other side.  It is not always easy and it can really be demanding for a four-year-old, but she enjoys it usually.

So that is what we played this, firs the two of us, then with the three plush dogs she invited to join us, because they had to come. And a couple of minutes later I realised that the dogs are eating and we are surrounded with different sets of plates, cutlery, food and drinks.

So the game was over but that’s OK, we all know that concentration for a longer period is the strength of a four-year-old…

And still, we enjoyed that three quarter of an hour or so…


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