The Clean Sheet Champions

signs on a wall

So, I have recently bumped into a picture about Manchester United being in the lead among the big six regarding cleans sheets in 2017. I can’t find it now, but I know that I saw it in a ManUtd news app on my phone, a really not-that-good app that I will delete because of too many adverts for example.

Anyway that is a good achievement, isn’t it?

Well, not quite.

It is like my feelings towards Mourinho himself – one of the bests as a trainer, teams would give a lot to catch him, but still, he is not United standard.

United is about scoring goals…

…and scoring more goals then the opposite sides.

Period. Really.

I don’t give a small rock about clean sheets, if we only win 1-0 or it is dull 0-0. Or what’s more, I don’t care if we loose but we should do it the United way.

Remember our last championship? We won it by beating the smaller teams by coming from behind. What a great way to win it, really. What a year was that!

So, I hope we can get back to that way as soon as possible.


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