On the way?

So, as I have written earlier, we have plans for the future (who doesn’t?), and that we are planning to move to Budapest from our current place in Szigetszentmiklós.

Now, there is a situation now, as someone made a serious offer for our flat, they even paid 1% of the price in order to make sure they can buy the house and we have a pre-agreement that contains that they are willing to buy and the will buy the flat and we will sign the contract until the 7th of December.

Daughters working in the background
Daughters working in the background

Now, I am a little bit afraid that they can go away whenever they want, as it stands now they only loose the 1% paid previously, so I am still not completely confident they will do that but hopefully I am just paranoid a bit.

Anyway, a very kind and sympathetic couple is about to buy it, so we are sort of happy to sell it – to tell the truth, it was really strange to see someone else in the house checking the walls, the shelves and measuring everything to see if THEIR stuff fits the into the concrete place.

Well, I still can’t believe that it is going to happen. I still can’t say to anyone that we are moving out. We haven’t told it to our friends in the neighbour, not even to my parents. We have never made so far in the process, previously the others who had wanted to buy it never made an offer – or at least that offer never made it to the table with money and bank notes exchanged.

Now we’ve got some money, we were asked to remove all the advertisements of the flat, so it seems like a decent offer, but still, we don’t have a contract, only an agreement.

So we may be on our way to the city, but everything can happen and also, the opposite.


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