Things to avoid – Chilion Jolokia

There are certain booms in the beginning part of a market when products or services have already entered users wallets, the market is in an ascending path, the number of users and buyers are growing – and somewhere around this point turn up providers who are creating products or producing services to with lower quality for the same amount of selling price.

A jar of Chilion Jolokia on a table
The cap of Chilion Jolokia

Now, this is what happened in the Hungarian chilli and chilli sauce primary producers market. I have been following this market since 2005 or so, buying products from lots of producers, visiting farmers’ markets and, chilli festivals – I even became a member of the jury of a chilli sauce contest.

That was fun, by the way. I post you some photos about the sauces for test.

Anyway, it is not that hard to find correct and quality products among the Hungarian primary producers who produce their sauces and cremes from their own chillies grown on their own soil with their own hands.

And this is good.

And yes, it is true: you don’t have to grow your own chillies to produce good quality products for the market.

But this cannot be said about the products of Chilion.

The jar of Chilion Jolokia on the table
The jar of Chilion Jolokia on the table

Let’s go back to the beginning. I found their website something like two years ago and I was amazed. What a beautiful site, at last someone on the chilli market feels like it is necessary to invest in marketing to gain a good share of the market.

Although by now it is better, back at the beginning it was much worse. Little jars with no real design on them, no brands, or only something very rudimentary. So it was very good to see a handful of products really developed with the help of professionals, to be something to enjoy for your eyes.

And even the products looked very good, habanero and Habanero 4x, Jolokia and Jolokia 4x, so I ordered a package and waited for the enjoyment. Now, when I posted it on Facebook, someone immediately warned about the quality of the products. I said, OK, let me see myself.

I ordered a bigger package with different sauces, powders and other things, it wasn’t cheap but could have been more expensive if I had wanted to. One of the comments said on the website, that whenever he orders something, there is always a little surprise in the package. Well, there wasn’t in mine. It’s not that I expected it, but, I don’t know, first order, there could have been something. OK, that did not really mean anything, the products could have been fantastic apart from this.

But they weren’t.

The sauces tasted the same. The same. All of them. Jolokia or Habanero, tasted the same. And as the Ingredients session writes on the jars: most of the sauces is made up from red peppers, namely “kápia paprika”, “kápia pepper” – something like the Italian red pepper. And on most of it I mean something like 80% of the sauce is made from pepper. And yeah, there is 1% or 4% of habanero or jolokia in it.

On the Habanero or Habanero 4x jars the label says “350.000 SHU”. Which is true, habaneros are around that on the Scoville scale, but that is not true to these sauces. Now you can read on the site, that “this does not represent the sauce in the jar, only the strongest ever tested habanero”, but I am pretty sure it wasn’t on the site two years ago.

And haven’t even mentioned the consistency and the density for example. The last 30% of the sauce was as runny as a liquid. Like water. No pulps or little particles in it.

So, this is it, I think I will once again give them a chance, but I just feel like it is not going to work.

But prove me wrong!

Sauce: Chilion Jolokia
Price: 2200 HUF, cca. 7.5 €


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