Finally, in the city again

So, we are back in the city of Budapest, again.

The last time we lived in Budapest was something like nine years ago, a little bit more, because we moved to Szigetszentmiklós before Xmas in 2008 – right before Luca was born at the beginning of 2009. So, two daughters and a couple of years after we are back.

By now we spent two full weeks here in the rented flat – and we enjoy it.

daughter in the kitchen
Pannus playing in the kitchen

This is very much different from our life in Szigetszentmiklós. It is like living in a big city somewhere, my wife said the first  days was like living in New York. I wake up at 6:30 in the morning as opposed to 5:30 or so, the girls between 6:30 and 6:45, around 7:15 we begin our walk towards the school/kindergarten (those are right next to each other). After leaving them in the building where they should be for the day I walk to the tram stop to catch the line 17 and in about half an hour I am at the office.

When driving from Szigetszentmiklós it took 1 and a half hour to enter the office – we started at 6:35-40 and I arrived at quarter past eight – and that was completely useless time as I was driving so I wasn’t able to do anything. Now I am reading while on the public transport – I started the book of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago. I wanted to read that since I was at university but I haven’t managed to.

So, anyway, this is a really different lifestyle. And much easier.

I take the girls to the school, my wife goes there for them in the afternoon, and I arrive home to the flat after them.

On Sunday we walked a lot here around the block and in the neighbourhood, visited the mall to do some shopping, cooked something in the afternoon and things like that.

The girls enjoy the tram journeys, enjoy the neighbourhood and the sounds and basically everything.

And we reached one extraordinary achievement – Luca sleeps in her own room, alone – this is something I have been praying for ages. Before the move to Budapest she could not sleep alone, she couldn’t sleep if Dóri wasn’t in the same room with her. She was crying for hours if we were in the hall and she was alone (or with Pannus) in the bedroom. And the first day we moved in she went to her own room and sleeps there until the morning.


And even Pannus sleeps alone, although Dóri is with her until she fall asleep.

So, it is an overall beautiful experience so far.


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