Aiming for the hat-trick – third one coming

So, this is something I’ve been meaning to tell you since I got the news – but from obvious reasons I could not.

We are expecting a new baby, this is gonna be our third one – and as now Dori is more than three months into pregnancy, it can be told to the world. And I want to tell it, really. It is a half-planned half-not-planned baby, we wanted to have a third one but it seemed that it is gonna be hard – the second one took a lot of months of trying, if you understand me… 🙂

drawing of a pregnant woman and family
Coming soon – made by Valer

But I had an operation in August, varicocele if you know the thing – and after it was solved we were on the fast track lane towards the third one. You know, it is like getting a varicose vein in your leg, but it is in a much more delicate part of a man’s body.

Ultrasound image of the baby
The first image of the baby

So, as you already know, we’ve been having some changes in our life nowadays, beginning with the operation, then a new job, then the baby turned up, then we sold the house and moved into a rented flat – well quite a lot of changes in a period of four months, if you ask me. But we’ve been enjoying it, absolutely.

Now it is time to be a little bit worried as we need to take some tests in order to check if there can be genetic problems with the baby – after all I am over 40 while my wife is 39, so we are advised to take the tests.

We don’t know if the baby is a girl or a boy, but Dori feels she is a she, and as the previous ones show I can be hopeful of a good and strong hat-trick of three girls – but there is no guarantee, of course.

Hopefully next time the baby will show that part because today it was really hidden. But Dori just told me that she felt a slight movement… 🙂

So, I am getting ready for the third one!


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