London, our favourite city

Well, London is and will always be our favourite city, that’s for sure.

We were there with my then soon-to-be fiancé 10 years ago, that is the place where I proposed her — we even know behind which tree it happened in the park behind the Palace of Westminster, the Victoria Tower Gardens South. Anyway, nothing really interesting here, a little sentiment here or there.

The point is, we were supposed to visit the city often after that event back in 2008 and we really wanted to. But the years have just been going and going – without us travelling to anywhere. Well, at least together, because I have been to London a couple of times because of work, as well as to other places like Paris, Brussels, Prague for example. And we had an arrangement that I will take Dóri (and the family) to every city or place that I visit somehow so now we have a lot to travel.

So, the thing is, the time has finally come, everything clicked – and we booked a trip the London at the end of last year.

lights over the street
Carnaby sign over the street

We knew then that she was pregnant and so we knew that the summer of 2018 would bring a baby to us again, which means this winter or spring is once again the last opportunity to travel for a while. And the girls finally were able to travel to a new place other than the grandparents houses’ with us.

And they could travel by plane for the first time in their life!

So, obviously they were very excited and enjoyed it very much. The flight was the best part, they already plan the next one, the order is: Paris, then Brussels, then Manchester and Prague. I don’t know how we can squeeze these in but we’ll see.

It was a short 3-day trip from Saturday morning till Monday evening but it was enough as the first one. Did not start well, as the room we had booked proved to be a disaster and we had to find an appropriate hotel close to it so that we can start the tour as soon as possible, but we managed to do that. (This is the part where I have to warn you: do not ever choose Brick Lane Rooms if you travel to London. Never.)

Well, we survived the attack of the hotels and we were ready to show the city to our daughters.

School building
Old school building near Buckingham Palace

At the day one after the incident we went to the Transport Museum of London where we realised that we can buy an annual ticket – well, we can buy a one-event ticket or an annual pass for the same price. We chose the latter, what a surprise, although I don’t know if we’ll return to London this year. The girls were all over the place, as you can imagine. After that we were just walking around in the city but eventually they became tired so we had to go home for a little rest.

Next day was Sunday, it had to start with a good and strong breakfast, then we travelled to the city to the tree, then to our favourite Starbuck’s, and then to the Buckingham Palace – the 4-year-old Pannus wanted to see Elizabeth, she was sure she would see her and that she would invite her the palace. Well, she wasn’t disappointed later.

Pub in London
Pub in London

The only disappointment of the day was the Science Museum – not because it was poor but because the girls just wasn’t into it then. It was full of interesting stuff, but the 4-year-old did not find anything interesting, and the nine year-old was not enjoying the necessity of translating and understanding everything. Still when they found something exciting they knew how to behave! After science it was time to do some shopping and we went to the Hamley’s toy shop – only to arrive there right before closing time so there was no time to play around. So, back to the hotel, dinner and rest.

Signs on a phone booth
WiFi from a phone booth

The last day was planned to visit a book store, the M&M’s World and something around that area – with the additional return to Hamley’s to finish the unfinished business from the day before.

And that was it – no more time for anything else other than a quick lunch – and we were off to the airport to fly home.

Charing Cross Station
Charing Cross Station, Tube

It was a bit overpacked in order to push in as many things as we can see and maybe the Science Museum was a bit too science-ish and English-ish for the girls, but otherwise they caught the feeling of travelling without school and the problems, they loved London and England, the double-deckers, the tube, the diversity, the cultural differences and everything that is so good in London.

And if they love it and enjoy it, we did something right.

And it means that we have to repeat it as soon as possible, maybe on different soil.


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