What did we eat in London?


Eating out on a holiday is always a hard task with the girls, as they hardly ever agree on what they want to eat (well, that is the situation every time so there was no difference). If one of them need a burger than the other one surely wants pasta. Even if we finally picked a place they can’t find anything suitable on the menu.

This time in London the breakfast was solved as we visited a Prét-á-Manger every morning. When I was in London back in 2000 I loved it, I always had a Tuna sandwich as I can recall. Not it was a bit different but we had a lot of items to choose from in the shop. As it was early morning we chose breakfast things like toasts and Pret’s Hot menu and I have to admit, we were satisfied most of the time.

Dóri loved the toast so she always had that but I tried to find something new and different every time we had something there. So I had a toast and the next morning I had a burger and obviously, I had the leftovers from the girls, too. Just for fun and for not wasting anything.

But no worries! It was all right. I did not even put on weight as we walked a lot during the day.

During the day

The first day was a half day we arrived close to the room we had booked after two and we had to wait for the keys and then had to find a new place to stay so we only had some sandwiches and a hot soup from Prét-á-Manger and I wasn’t in the mood to take pictures of those, so not it is missing.

The following day we were arond Buckingham Palace and before going to the Science Museum we decided to eat in pub (well, we wanted something else but that restaurant was closed). So, we ended in a pub as the girls voted for fish and chips and that seemed authentic enough – and they loved it. They had a full plate for both of them and left not too much. We asked for a bit of a cheese on the fries and it was very tasty, really.

I chose a steak, rump steak and I was the only one who was a little bit disappointed. The steak wasn’t made rare-medium, it was well over medium, I ordered pepper sauce that never arrived, the steak was chewy and not at all soft, and it was very fatty although I normally don’t really have a problem with fat if the quantity is perfect.

And the last place where we had something hot was a Nando’s in the city – on Monday on our last day in London we went back to Hamley’s and before leaving for the airport we had a little chicken. The little ones had burgers, Dori had breasts and I had wings – and there was satisfaciton although I would have expected more hotness and spice from the hottest and spiciest sauce in the restaurant.

In the evenings

After the long and tiresome days in the evenings we usually bought some sandwiches in a Tesco or a Sainsbury’s without photos, so just believe me.


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