And the wait is over – there is a boy!

So, no hat-trick then, instead we are improving the number of male members of the family – we are going to have a boy!

Well, I thought the baby was going to be a girl as my wife was somewhat sure about it – although looking back she really wasn’t that sure about it compared to the previous two pregnancy.

But no worries, it is obviously all right this way, too. Our daughters are happy, we are happy, what else can I say?

I am very excited about all the things happening around us. The third one is a big step in the life of a family because two children are manageable, not so easily, but they are manageable. The third one will bring something really new to our little community and I am very much into finding out what it will be.

ultrasound image of baby
Baby on the ultrasound image

The first couple of years may probably be easy as my wife will be home with the youngest one and that makes the logistics easy, especially that now we are living close to the school and the kindergarten, he is going to be born in the summer so when school starts at September he’ll be something like two months old which means he can be out for a walk or something similar.

Dóri went back to work after two years at home with both the girls, so probably it will be the case this time, too, but we’ll see – she may not want to go back, the logistics may prove unmanageable after all, she may start her own company while she’s at home and can work out something profitable – she is very good at making creative things and decoration, for example.

So, I think it may cause a big change in our life, how will the girls handle the situation for example? What effect will another male make in their life? How it will affect my life and Dóri’s life?

You can read about that here, you just need to follow me in order to not miss anything!


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