Education on a holiday?

So, I thought that if we travel somewhere, my daughters need to enjoy it. But learning while enjoying is probably even more important, so I planned the trip to London with other things in mind – a little bit of this here and a little bit of that there, museums, creativity, self-learning, self-management, independence whatever.

(Note: the photos of this post were taken for my wife’s self-development as she works for the Educational Division of Budapest’s Garbage Company.)

Transport Museum

First of all, let’s see the Museums. The first day of the trip (after the incident with the accommodation) was planned around arriving and a little travel in the city, and Luca wanted to start the official program with the Transport Museum of London. And we did that and that was a very good idea, the girls enjoyed it, they were all around the vehicles, getting on and off the buses, following the signs etc.

Luca understood it better, so it was easier for her, but the 4-year-old Pannus loved it too, although she was mostly occupied with the stamp collecting, provided by the museum. Kids had to follow a path and at 13 different places they had to collect a stamp (or a punch, rather) on a paper. She did check everything but the most important thing was the punch. Continue reading


Grabolo in the house

game on the floor
Grabolo on the floor

Another game loved by my daughters is Grabolo. I cannot say that playing with it goes without a fight, but it is a game where speed, concentration and memory has to be used, so a young four-year-old has some disadvantages.

And if she can’t take it lightly, it can cause troubles.

And if it can, it will. Trust me, I know.

How to play

This is a kind of easy game to play, there are some circles with different animals on it in different coloured backgrounds. Players have two dices, one for the colours and one for the animals.

When someone throws the dice, the fastest player has to find the circle on the floor/table/etc. that matches the one indicated by the dices. And here are the problems when you have an older girl who wants to win, who wants to beat the younger one, and a younger one, who cannot really loose… 🙂

This game hardly ever ends with a great laugh – but sooner or later they will learn how to play together without fighting and simply enjoy the game itself. These things happen from time to time but very rarely. Very-very rarely.

But we work on it, all of us.

LÜK is one of the best

logic game LÜK
The table and blocks of LÜK

I love playing a little bit with the girls and it is especially good when they are in the mood. That does not happen often, unfortunately.

This was the situation today, also, as she was getting ready to play something with her mother – or at least she had planned to, but I intervened. It took something like 10 minutes to convince her to swap her mum to me, but I succeeded somehow. Continue reading