Cobb Barbecue Cooking System – on the way home

So, I’m very excited because I have just ordered one of these beauties.

And this was one of my quickest decisions in my life about a cooking tool.

I happened to visit a Hungarian website, from where I almost bought a smoker which can be used for grilling and barbecuing too – but this time I found a new tool, the SAfire Cooker. That is a portable cooker for grilling and barbecuing meat and other stuff.

A little bit expensive, though, but I found one cheaper on eBay, but then I found another one, the Cobb Premier, and that seems a bit even better then the SAfire.

And as I had some money hidden on PayPal, I decided to buy that. It is said to be a very good cooker, very useful for beginners like me, so I thought that I would use it for practising. And now I’m sitting here excited and waiting 7-10 day to have the box delivered.


My new help in the kitchen – food processor

Oh, yes, I became kind of obsessed with a tool a couple of weeks ago – a food processor. I had always wanted one of them and the time had come then. So, I started to work out which one I needed.

First I thought I was going to buy an Electrolux one, the price was something like €500, and it would have come with a slicer and a meat grinder, with 5-years extra warranty. So, first I figured that I could use this one, so I should buy one.

The Electrolux Assistent

And here came my cautious self, the one that always think everything twice. Or five times. (Anyway, that inner me never turns up when the question is “should I drink that last shot? I’m always alone there, with that little glass of whatever…”) Continue reading

My new friend – Weber Rapidfire chimney starter

So, I’d already bought a chimney starter in an Auchan, but I’d left that at my mother-in-law’s, so I had to buy a new one. And this time I thought I would buy a good one instead of a no-name product. I had quite a lot of problems with lighting up briquettes and/or charcoal, but it seems like I finally found a tool to help this part of the game.

chimney and box
The Weber Rapidfire

So, if there’s something that lights the down part of the chimney up, this Weber thing is very good.

light under chimney
Starting the chimney with the provided starter

But before all that, let’s see my problems I’ve faced and face now with the whole fire process:

– How to have burning briquette or charcoal? (Well, this is kind of solved with this Weber chimney.)

– What to use? Briquettes of charcoal?

– What to use to light up the chimney?

So, this post is about the first question. Continue reading

Salt and chilli in the mill

So, if you love your salt and your chilli – why not try them together? With anything else, with whatever you feel like.

I got a present a couple of months ago from a friend of mine, a small jar of coarse-grained artisan salt and chilli mix. And I decided to put it into a salt mill, mixed with a bit of rose pepper. The latter had already been in the mill, but that wasn’t a good idea from me, because those were too soft for the mill to grain them – so the salt is kind of a helping substance to let the pepper out of the mill, in this case.

Anyway, the salt is sea salt, the chilli is probably simple Hungarian paprika from among the hot, pungent types – but all together it’s a good looking stuff. Here are the photos:

Salt with chilli

You can easily adjust the hotness by adding as many chilli pieces as you want – as this one has already been in the jar for more months, it is already mixed together very well, so it is kind of the middle-hot-styled one.

Salt with chilli
Salt and chilli in a jar

I had a bit of problem with adjusting the mill but after two days I found the right size, so now it is perfect. But I need to buy a couple of other mills in order to use with salt only, pepper only, or salt & pepper mixture for example.

Salt, chilli and pepper in the mill

FA Cup special edition – steak and new tool in the house

So, tonight it’s FA Cup 4th round time, and United travel to Cambridge for a probably tricky game against the lowest ranked team among the remaining ones.

Well, this is the FA Cup, so you never know when a team bumps into a giant-killer and again, nowadays United quite often have tough games against lower (so-called lower) teams. Cambridge play probably nice physical game with long balls as LVG said on his press conference, and it’s not always the best for us.

That is why I think it should not be Valdes’ debut game – we all remember how DDG started his career at United, and yeah, keepers really need time to adapt to the English game. Anyway, it’s the bosses decision to pick a team, but I share with you my one, and I think it should be a strong team with some players given a chance to impress, given that there’s an eight day gap until our next match vs Leicester.

De Gea

Rojo, Smalling, Jones

Valencia, Januzaj

di Maria, Fellaini, Blind

Falcao, Wilson

Subs: Valdes, Rooney, Herrera and others, just in case.

But anyway, this is not only about United, but about a new tool I got for my birthday – a SteakChamp steak thermometer that can help you create your perfect steak.

It’s a food thermometer that flashes a led light when your steak is ready according to its inner temperature. This is the set I got, it contains the SteakChamp itself, the red activator, a knife, and spice mix.

steakchamp box
SteakChamp set in a wooden box

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Pingo doce – Tempero para Frango

When a friend of mine travels abroad, I am mostly given a little culinary present when they return.

This time it was Heni and Suhi – and they went to Portugal for a couple of days. And the present was two little things, one of them a Pingo doce product, the so called Tempre para Frango. Well, I don’t speak Portuguese, so I could only use Google translate to figure out what that was – and obviously I had started to use it prior to figuring out what that is.

Anyway, that’s how it goes, so I used it a couple of times as a spread on my morning sandwiches. And on tortillas for lunch.

pingo doce
Sauce on tortillas

And I wasn’t really satisfied. It is too salty, it is supposed to be mixed with garlic – and it is, only that kind of plastic the whole flavour. Then came the idea to translate it with the translator – and I realized that it was seasoning for chicken. Continue reading

Reordering the spice rack

I’d been planning that for ages, and yesterday was the time to tidy that black hole in the cupboard, where quite a lot spice and other things got lost… And, what’s more, I found a website  and web shop loaded with spices and other compliments, so I ordered a couple of things. The website is, Exotic Spices, it is a small business run by a family near Budapest. We had a little bit of a problem with the delivery, they somehow could assemble the package for next day delivery so I had to go and pick it up somewhere,  but otherwise everything was perfect.

Let’s see what they are.

spices on the table
Spices and other goodies
  • Basmati rice
  • Japanese sushi rice
  • Thai black rice
  • Chickpeas
  • Red lentils
  • Sesame seeds

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