What did we eat in London?


Eating out on a holiday is always a hard task with the girls, as they hardly ever agree on what they want to eat (well, that is the situation every time so there was no difference). If one of them need a burger than the other one surely wants pasta. Even if we finally picked a place they can’t find anything suitable on the menu.

This time in London the breakfast was solved as we visited a Prét-á-Manger every morning. When I was in London back in 2000 I loved it, I always had a Tuna sandwich as I can recall. Not it was a bit different but we had a lot of items to choose from in the shop. As it was early morning we chose breakfast things like toasts and Pret’s Hot menu and I have to admit, we were satisfied most of the time.

Dóri loved the toast so she always had that but I tried to find something new and different every time we had something there. So I had a toast and the next morning I had a burger and obviously, I had the leftovers from the girls, too. Just for fun and for not wasting anything.

But no worries! It was all right. I did not even put on weight as we walked a lot during the day. Continue reading


Spare ribs from Don Pepe’s

Well, Don Pepe’s is a Hungarian fast food chain that was specialized in pizzas mostly before widening their range with other different meals. I wouldn’t say they provide the very best quality but they are worthy of an order and I really can’t remember a time when I had a really great problem with any of their things.

So, they are well above average, that’s fair to say.

And they are quite an experiencing team as you can always find something new on the menu. And I was happy to realize they offer spare ribs nowadays, so I could hardly wait for the right occasion to try them.

That came last Sunday, when I ordered an XXL pizza for my daughters’ godparents – and one box of spare ribs for myself.

spare ribs
Spare ribs from Don Pepe’s

After opening it wasn’t that bad, the order was at my table something like 40 minutes after I finished the call – I don’t say it was burning hot, but warm enough.

spare ribs
Spare ribs from Don Pepe’s

When I saw the food I was a little bit dissapointed, the Hungarian cut ribs contain much more meat and fat – and I was prepared for that. Anyway, it looked good, although it was obvious that it is not the saucy, dripping type. Continue reading

Breakfast at “á table”

Once in a week or two we kind of need to get out of the office surroundings and have a nice little breakfast. A decent breakfast, you know, when you sit down, order something (or take that thing to your table, if there’s no service – as it is at most places).

Unfortunately there are restrictions geographically as you can’t really travel to a far, far away galaxy to have your omelette, ’cause we obviously need to be back in a reasonable time.

So this was the third time we went out and this time it was a small French boulangerie in the 2nd district of Budapest, close to the mall Mammut. By small I mean small, ’cause you can only find something like 8 tables there, and the place is overcrowded with the furniture even without people. Anyway, it’s called “á table”, not that old but a really nice place.

croissant with salad
Croissant and baby salad leaves

The desk is overcrowded as well, so you have to be ready to figure out what you want. When I entered and went to the desk I told the young waitress there that I would like something for breakfast (what a surprise…). Anyway, she started to show me the items there and there was so many that I could only remember the last three – croissants with this and that. And one of them was croissant with ham, so I chose that. Continue reading