First meeting with Wilkinson’s sausage

And the second meeting with the stuff of and Robert, its owner, but we’ll get back to it later.

So this time I’d decided to order sausages, the ones called Wilkinson’s Irish sausage. Those are made fresh on every Thursday so we had them delivered on a Friday – 1 kg, 9 pieces of spicy Irish meat.

I tried three different ways of cooking them.

The Hungarian way

Sausages and blood pudding is fried in a skillet after pig slaughtering, with a bit of oil or butter and water in it. I used a little bit of butter and nothing else in the oven, on 180 °C. I didn’t make a photo, but it was nicely fried and remained juicy inside with a bit crunchy on the outside.

Fried in a non-stick pan without butter

Sausage and scrambled eggs
Sausage and scrambled eggs

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Buying, ordering, shopping

So this is gonna be a map for all you chili lovers about my experience with those hot stuff. I’ll record shops, where you can have hot and spicy sauces, restaurants, where you can eat a good menu, places, where you can meet other chili eaters, etc.

It is a completely new map, so it’s not that overcrowded, but places will come as goals from Robin van Persie. And down, under the map will be a list with the post about the places on the map.