drawing of a pregnant woman and family
Coming soon – made by Valer

I am a 41-year-old Europe-lover, liberal, free-world enthusiast guy who is very worried about the future of humanity, the Earth and the years coming, because of things like

  • the threat of Putin and his system,
  • the system of Orban & Trump,
  • the stupidity and darkness that helps those remain in power,
  • and I could go on forever.

So, I have decided to do my part to balance somehow these elements and create a better possible future for my two daughters.

And this is where I have to mention that I am the father of two, but I’ve been recently told that we are expecting our third one, so I’m soon gonna be a father of three. Anyway, what I am interested in:

  • our life in general as a family,
  • football/ManUtd/American football/Baltimore Ravens & sports in general,
  • politics & issues of humanity,
  • education
  • self-training.

And this what you can expect if you follow my site – posts around these topics as often as my free time allows me to publish something.

I am 41 but I still don’t know exactly which is the best path ahead of me – but no worries, we’ll figure it out.


Now you can help spread the word!

Every little help! You can help me to learn, to test educational materials and everything else. You can even help me to watch Manchester United matches on TV. Anyway, you don’t need money for that, a simple follow on the site or on my social accounts does the same! I will always publish the support and the investment list so you can see where it is spent.


And you can contact me if you want through this form.

Feel free to send me questions about anything you think I can help you with. I will be happy to answer your letter!