Breakfast at “á table”

Once in a week or two we kind of need to get out of the office surroundings and have a nice little breakfast. A decent breakfast, you know, when you sit down, order something (or take that thing to your table, if there’s no service – as it is at most places).

Unfortunately there are restrictions geographically as you can’t really travel to a far, far away galaxy to have your omelette, ’cause we obviously need to be back in a reasonable time.

So this was the third time we went out and this time it was a small French boulangerie in the 2nd district of Budapest, close to the mall Mammut. By small I mean small, ’cause you can only find something like 8 tables there, and the place is overcrowded with the furniture even without people. Anyway, it’s called “á table”, not that old but a really nice place.

croissant with salad
Croissant and baby salad leaves

The desk is overcrowded as well, so you have to be ready to figure out what you want. When I entered and went to the desk I told the young waitress there that I would like something for breakfast (what a surprise…). Anyway, she started to show me the items there and there was so many that I could only remember the last three – croissants with this and that. And one of them was croissant with ham, so I chose that. Continue reading