Gameweek 31 v Aston Villa & Happy Easter!

After the international couple of days, here we go again. Tricky game v Aston Villa on the menu, but kind of an easier one compared to recent ones… Or at least seems like, after the recent results and by the position in the PL table.

But. United seemed to struggle again so-called easier opponents right after showing some great performances against bigger threats – so on the other it is gonna be a real test for the new confidence of the United players and fans.

And spring has just arrived, although if I look out through the window its more like winter – and the bloody conditions are right next to the ones in November. It’s only 4 degrees outside, some light snow expected during the Easter weekend, so, it’s gonna be hard – though if it’s not snowing or raining I will cook the ham and the trotters outside, in the garden, on campfire, whatever it takes. (Meaning that it will take some beers and spirits to keep myself warm!)

ham and trotters
Easter ham and trotters

And what is your custom for Easter gastronomically? Continue reading


Tilapia with tortilla while beating Aston Villa

And once again the whole thing started similarly for both of us – I mean the team and myself.

We’ve recently decided to eat more fish and the last weekend was the weekend when I was supposed to cook something for the family from the tilapia in the freezer. I found a recipe, we had done everything prior to the match and the cooking – only to realize that the fish needed to be put to a bowl full of lime juice for something like four hours.

Well, so much for lunch – and just as I avoided the thunder of my wife’s hunger the team conceded from a free kick. As if it wasn’t hard enough.

tortilla and fish
Tortilla, fish and salad

So I really had time to rest a little bit – and had time to prepare everything else for the cooking – first the sauces as there are two different sauces to make. Continue reading