Pingo doce – Tempero para Frango

When a friend of mine travels abroad, I am mostly given a little culinary present when they return.

This time it was Heni and Suhi – and they went to Portugal for a couple of days. And the present was two little things, one of them a Pingo doce product, the so called Tempre para Frango. Well, I don’t speak Portuguese, so I could only use Google translate to figure out what that was – and obviously I had started to use it prior to figuring out what that is.

Anyway, that’s how it goes, so I used it a couple of times as a spread on┬ámy morning sandwiches. And on tortillas for lunch.

pingo doce
Sauce on tortillas

And I wasn’t really satisfied. It is too salty, it is supposed to be mixed with garlic – and it is, only that kind of plastic the whole flavour. Then came the idea to translate it with the translator – and I realized that it was seasoning for chicken. Continue reading


Red devil’s menu – v the Greeks

Yes, it’s the biggest game of the season so far, let’t not pretend it, we are kind of crap, we have to come back and win it by at least three, without conceding one.

I think we will win it, the first half will be 2-0 to us, and we’ll score another one in the second. From that on we may let one in, but we’ll score again to make it 4-1.

wings and sauce
Chicken wings, ready for the oven

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How to use 10-minute-burn

After 3 years, it's half full
After 3 years, it’s half full

It’s been really a long time until I managed to figure it out. Really.

I bought a bottle of it back in 2010 I think, and I still have half of that. And although I do have something like 30 different chilli sauces around in the house at a given time – it is still a shame. But, to tell the truth, I don’t really like it. Continue reading